Why Go Electric?

An Easy Street Electric Grill is a great grill choice!

• It’s EXTREMELY easy to use.
• It will help you to perfectly prepare a WIDE variety of foods.
• Outdoor electric grills deliver better temperature control than charcoal or gas - great for grilling fish and vegetables.
• An outdoor electric grill is compact and easier to use than most charcoal and gas grills, making it the perfect grill for smaller groups.
• There are no messy charcoal bags to buy, carry and store.
• There are no heavy propane tanks to buy, carry and store.
• You never have to worry about running out of fuel midway through the party!

For all these reasons AND portability, an Easy Street Electric Grill also makes a great SECOND grill! 

Awesome for outdoor patios and decks in Apartments and Condos - or- Pack it up and take it on the road to vacation homes and family reunions!

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