Electric Grills

The Easy Street Electric Grill makes it awesome and easy. No Charcoal. No Gas.  Just Flavor!

The Easy Street Electric Grill is the best innovation in outdoor cooking -- no charcoal mess, no propane worries. It is the only type of grill that is suited for outdoor patios and decks in apartments and condos.  With it's superior temperature control, it's also great for healthy vegetarian cooking.  With the ingenious design of the Easy Street Electric Grill you get just the right amount of smoke and vapors for that authentic outdoor flavor that you just can’t get with one of those “so-called indoor grills.” You can even use flavored wood chips and planks to enhance the flavor!

The Easy Street Electric Grill is perfect for apartment living, and it makes a great gift for new homeowners who need an easy way to cook great meals and entertain friends.  It’s also an excellent choice of empty-nesters and singles who don’t want the hassles or worries of traditional grills.

Why Go Electric?